Video Poetry by the Sea

A poem by Mark Tulin every Saturday


Welcome to Video Poetry by the Sea. This is Mark Tulin from Crow on the Wire. Many of you are familiar with my work and those of you who aren’t, welcome. Since I moved to California in 2012, I have written poetry, taken photos, and made poetry videos here in the Central Coast of California. I went from using a Canon Powershot, to a Sony CyberShot, and currently an iPhone 12.

A new video poem will be posted each Saturday.

The video poems are shot during the morning hours of my walks and bike rides along the beach. While my wife, Alice, records, I read my poems. Enjoy my poetic journey along this beautiful state, hearing my insights, confessions, and observations. Some serious, others whimsical and humorous.

Many of these poems are in my poetry collections, Rain on Cabrillo, Junkyard Souls, Rain on Cabrillo, and Magical Yogis.

Here’s a good little piece to know more About Me.

Those willing to support my poetry habit, are welcome to leave something in the tip jar.

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